Monterey County CA releases 2022 annual crop report: Here are the takeaways

Decent article if they’d left off the 3 unsubstantiated paragraphs at the end.

Have you noticed that even “your side” has mostly stopped the climate change denialism lately? You should do the same, instead of chiming in on any thread that talks about or links to any mention of climate science.

The paragraphs you’re taking issue with are talking about measurable changes already occurring, not just some hypothetical future changes. They are 100% substantiated by data that no one else is denying the validity of anymore. Even though you were deceived earlier in your life by oil company propaganda, it’s not too late to admit that fact and accept reality. Even the oil companies aren’t pushing the “climate change isn’t human-caused” lie anymore.


I think it’s unlikely I can change your mind (nor you mine)…so I’m going to try to be agreeable…you did get to rebutt.

I aced statistics class around 45 years ago, so I know you can “prove” a lot of things (even things that aren’t so) with statistics.

For instance, (to illustrate my disdain for the manipulation that goes on of data), they’re saying we may hit a ‘record high’ for this date here. I’ve lived through many days in July and August of 100 to 104…and it is NOT going to get over 100 here today nor tomorrow

So, where’s the record??

(It’s accomplished by dumping data other than just very recent data. If they’re going to say it’s ‘record heat’…they can’t if they don’t delete July 1980…and they can’t claim ‘record heat’ for August unless it gets past 104 record set in 2008. There is no record heatwave going on currently in my neck of the woods. Sure, it’s miserably hot and humid too. But a record? That’s a prevarication for sure.)


Its kind of bleak looking world wide.

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You seem to be talking about two different things here. The “daily record high” (highest temperature for that particular date) and the “monthly record high” (highest temperature recorded on any day that month). You can break a daily record (e.g., July 28th) even if it’s been hotter on other dates (say, July 17 or Aug 3) in previous years. No one is ignoring or manipulating old data, it’s just two different types of climate records.

Neither of which has very much to do with the broader evidence in favor of climate change, other than there being an increasing chance of breaking such records. At this point, with the amount and quality of data being collected worldwide, denying climate change is like standing out in the middle of a thunderstorm and denying that it’s raining. But by all means, if you must do so, then carry on.

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OK…you’re right…I ‘seem’ to confuse monthly and daily highs. But, I assure you no daily high is being set here today, and I didn’t intentionally try to cloud the issue.
And I’m not going to dig deep enough right now to see the actual record for every day of July, going back over 100 years.

highest temps. 1936 for my state of WV. 1930 for your state of KY.

Looks to me as if the early 1900s in the US were pretty danged hot… one could argue that they were clearing land pretty heavily in those days… no A/C either… so probably pretty darn miserable. Those temps also not long after some pretty major forest fires in the 1800s. One forest fire ate 3M acres…and several others ate over 1M acres.

Less trees seems to mean hotter temps.

Thanks for putting the effort into searching.
Places such a Kansas and Nebraska have more trees than they did 175 years ago.
And all the areas concreted and blacktopped are having an effect on new records being set in certain locales.

Of course, state records don’t always coincide with the records for each city.
I remember the day London KY set it’s all-time record of 104, because I worked about 9 hours in it outside. I don’t recall if the old record came from 1930 or from the 50’s, 70’s or 80’s.

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