Monterey Fungi Fighter - Discontinued?

I was trying to order MFF, as my current supply is almost gone. However, it appears the product may no longer be available. Can anyone else confirm this? MFF was excellent for controlling brown and black rot. If MFF is no longer available, is there a comparable product? Honor Guard?

Bonide’s Infuse

Bonide Infuse is the same product (1.55% propiconazole) and looks to have the same label. It is still available from Keystone.

It seems like most of these consumer product companies are going away from synthetic pesticides and moving towards OMRI approved chemicals. But it is also hard to find a labeled propiconazole product for fruit trees in a more concentrated form, so it might just be out of favor for that application.

Thanks guys for the info on Infuse. I know these products aren’t rated for use on edibles, but are there any known issues? I’ve been using MFF on peaches and grapes for the last few years.

Infuse is still listed for sale on Bonide’s website

Infuse is rated for edibles