Montmorency cherry question

Hi all, my Montmorency cherry was looking very promising this spring. As we are going into summer many if the clusters are turning yellow and falling off. Is this lack of good pollination ? Too much wind? They look like hanging pits. Many others are still green and getting bigger, so I do not understand this.



Have good news and bad news. Montmorency is self pollinating as are most sour cherries so you will get fruit. In my experience it will only be half as much as you should get without a second tart cherry for pollen. A self pollinating tree never does as well on its own as it does with another tree.


I have a Monty and a Meteor tart cherry adjacent to each other and there are are a significant number that yellow and fall-off on both trees, just as you describe. My trees are 6 years old. This year should be the first “big” crop that I get from Monty, as long as I can beat the birds to the fruit.



Always will get some drops.


I get drops on some cherries more than others. My Regina and Black Tartarian drop about half of the fruit. Monty is a big mature tree and doesn’t drop many and I expect yours will drop less as it matures.


My montmorency was the little engine that could from year one. As a whip it pushed as many cherries as it could muster. Last year on 10" branches it did the same. This year it is not a big tree but it finally has some structure going with 3’ or so branches, I’m looking forward to see what it will do this year.

There are some micro nutrients that are crucial for fruit set. Our soils here are boron deficient which can lead to excessive fruit drop. You may want to have your soil checked to rule out any sort of deficiency.


I only had one Montmorency in RI. By year three it it was full of cherries. So this I have never seen before. Maybe it is still new to the pot.

The white flowered tree is the Montmorency. I’m spoiled!


My soil is out of a bag. :flushed:

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