Moonglow pear has been the toughest to determine optimum ripeness

I have been content watching my Moonglow pears rapidly filling my Ziploc bags until today when a couple dropped. These two were over ripe so I picked the others. The old saying that when your fruit starts dropping it is time to harvest the remainder seems to be true. Moonglow occasionally takes on a little red tint but many years it doesn’t which compounds the difficulty of when to pick. The remainder lifted off easily and appear to still be firm. I cut one and the seeds were dark and the fruit was getting sweet. This seasons Moonglow is going to get a longer waiting time before eating. Just rambling on with this topic so here is a couple of pictures.


Depends how cool the nights get.

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Moonglow was a variety that got the best of me.Mine were so bad, the
birds wouldn’t even eat them. I finally removed the tree. Glad you’re having much better luck than I did.

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I don’t know that I’m doing any better. In fact I only have a few limbs of Moonglow grafted because of their unpredictability in getting high quality fruit.

After several years of growing Moonglow pears I finally got to eat one that was very good. A little softer than I like but it was sweet and pretty much like a Bartlet.


I heard that saying too, so when my Seckels started to drop last year, I started to pick.

They were almost a month from being properly ripe

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