More mirabelles and quetches

The mirabelles are coming in a lot these days, but the quetsches from the north are just just starting to appear in

the market.


Thanks for the pics. I had to look up quetsches. Well, they are plums.

I meant to ask you if you like mirabelle de Metz. I am considering planting a tree. By the way, I let my mirabelle ripen and color up a lot more than in the pic.


Just went to Trader Joe’s. They sell those charentais from Provence (so the sign said). It is $3.50 a melon.

General consumers would go for cantaloupes twice that size for $2. (I am one of them :laughing:) Now that I know how good charentais taste, I know why people are willing to pay for high quality fruit.

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You are welcome! Quetches are a prune plum and make a fabulous tart or breakfast cake. They are really meant to be cooked. As for the Charentais melons you have found the winner! They have a festival for them here in Provence. I want to go next year. This year all of the big fruit festivals were cancelled due to the virus! Just a bad year for any type of traveling! I do like the mirabelle de Metz (Pronounced mess). They are better for cooking. The Nancy are great eaten fresh. I love them all. The quetches are next to the mirabelles in the picture. They are beautiful and a really dark purple-blue.

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There are not named varieties of Charentais. If its from Cavaillon it will be as pure as they come. i will get some seeds .


Oh my gosh, this brings back such memories. From 1998-2000, I attended the Université de Strasbourg, and I loved the Mirabelles & the Quetsches from my region! The best! Merci pour les photos!

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