More scions

I went shopping yesterday. There was a Scion Exchange and Grafting Workshop in Spokane and they had dozens of different scions. I got 6 plums and 4 apples. I really had to restrain myself, was tempting to buy way too much stuff. It was just by chance that I saw the ad on craigslist and had enough time to get there. They were only open for 3 hours and I got there shortly before closing. Didn’t ask how much they sold, but there was quite a lot left. The plums were really long sticks and I will have plenty to share with my children. scions%20002


That looks like fun! I can’t wait to graft this year :slight_smile:

Nice haul tessie5. I have had Green Newtown growing for a couple of years on bud9 and it has a very curious growth habit, somwhat corkscrew. I should have an apple to try next year. I’m not sure if all trees have this feature or if I have a sport.

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Sounds like a sport or a virus…

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It is almost 5’ tall and is from 2017.


Hey Betty, I stopped by the exchange as well. Pretty cool! I don’t have any apples or pears, just peaches and apricots. I was intrigued by the plums though! Had to hold myself back. Already have too many grafts to do this year. But again, pretty cool to see the exchange going on!

It looks like the growth that is crooked is since you bought it as the lower growth is straight. Maybe there is something about the pot conditions doing that.

SpokanePeach, I wish I had seen the ad sooner, would have had time to do more research. As it was, I wasn’t able to open the list he had, I kept getting a blank page. I don’t have the right program for XLSX. Had the same problem trying to get a list from Bob Purvis, so I gave up. If my peach tree survives this winter I may try to put another variety on it next year. I have picked Rosa peaches at Green Bluff and prefer them over some of the others I have tried. Want to look for a scion of that next year. I keep trying apricots, they don’t do well here. Hardly grow.

Quill, is your tree still in the pot or in the ground?

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OpenOffice will do it, and it is free as well(if you are on a PC), Office for Android (also free) if you are on an android phone, or Numbers on an iPhone. If none of those work for you, you can always open it through Google Sheets.

That is how Green Newtown Pippin is supposed to look, a very distinctive, corkscrew feature on younger limbs. One of the distinguishing marks.

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Good luck with your peach tree Betty. Mine have grown well. I am 50% with my apricots. I have a Sugar Pearls that has done great for 7 years. My Canadian White Blenheim died young. I am trying again with that variety.

Stealthmayhem, thank you for the link. I finally got it to work and got to look at the list of scions.
Will be handy for next year, I’ve got enough for this year.

You are quite welcome