More Tatsoi Happy

Here are Tatsoi that were patio planter grown filled with Miracle Gro Potting Mix. Both were seeded in plug trays November 20. Germinated in house until first signs of sprouting in 3 days. Placed outside at the foot of my steps and brought back inside at night for 2 weeks until their true leaves were growing nicely.

Transplanted into planters December 20. The smaller plants in the photo were grown outside and photographed January 23. A double layer of row cover was used on nights predicted below 30. Two nights they were brought in when 20 was predicted.

The larger plants went into an unheated greenhouse the day of transplanting. No protection from cold other than whatever daytime warmth hung on into the night. I also potted up into 4 inch pots and they did well in the greenhouse. I don’t know the lows inside but it has been a very mild winter here in zone 7b. In January we have had 2 nights 21, 3 at 24 and the rest 27 to 35. Last winter never got below 20. Two years ago it was -10 for several days and that was the coldest I have ever seen in my 50+ years.

Of course the greenhouse plants benefited from 70 degrees on sunny days and the increased release of Osmocote fertilizer in the mix with the warmer soil temps.

My outside bed is still going great and I will start harvesting the outer leaves this coming week as my original planting in planters have all been eaten up.

Note the Quarter in second pic for size.


Outside bed January 23. Quarter on second plant row one.