Most Blight Free Potatoes

I happened on the potato post “Maine Potato Lady” and @BobVance beautiful photos (I’d link to it but not sure how to do that). How great to find others who are passionate about potatoes! I’ve grown many dozens of varieties over the years and find them fun. I don’t spray so I’m always looking for those that will make a good crop in my garden. So I’m wondering what your most blight-free potatoes are (those that are good otherwise, too)? This was a bad blight year for us (unusually warm and wet) so it’s a good test year. Of my current varieties German Butterball continues to be best (growing for six years), with Jogeva Yellow Estonian next (growing 20 yrs). Of course, one variety I’ve grown a long time, Blue-eyed Catriona, usually mostly dies of blight mid-season most years but is a good yielder anyway and my favorite for flavor and texture. So blight free isn’t the only consideration, but considering how in a bad year it can knock down yields significantly in some varieties it’s a big one. I don’t dig my potatoes till Oct. (except for current eating) so I don’t know how yields are this year.