Most intense apple of '21... and the winner is

I’ve had a great season for trying many apples from my own trees as many grafts came into bearing for the first time. More on that in a later post, but I just finished my last Wickson crabapple and I believe it’s the winner in the intensity category. Intense AND delicious.

20 brix, which. this wet year from my vigorous trees. is about as high as apples are going to get.


Wickson is typically my most intensely-flavored apple as well.


The 2 Wickson I had on a graft fell off in Sept from bugs and rot then a pine vole destroyed the tree. Now I’m more upset after reading your report. I did take some cuttings so I can try grafting them in the spring. That same tree also had Trailman on it for the first time and they where very good.