Moth balls in treetubes

I have read on this site or somewhere else where people put one moth ball down each tree tube right before cold weather sets in to keep mice and other rodents from building nests in the tubes. I wouldn’t do this if I only had a few trees, several hundred hardwood trees (oaks/walnuts) in treetubes make monitoring difficult. I probably won’t do this on my fruit trees as I can keep a good handle on them but not totally against it either. Anybody have experience with this?


Do not do this the moth balls are toxic.

repeals moles (got lucky clicked on that only one by chance or is it fate)

This was searched repellent
I searched the old data base I like it better
this link is found at the very bottom of (NEW) home page

Searched rodenticide
some say may not be good to use rodenticide as Vultures eat them, and die

I hope this helps
I have read a lot about that moth ball stuff on a organic homesteader site pretty nasty stuff

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I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but have you or anyone you know tried this? Fertilizer is toxic too if you use too much, and a mouse girdling you’re tree isn’t a real great scenario. I clicked on your links but didn’t find anything.

Looks to me like the only danger with mothballs is swallowing them. If they’re in a tree tube, the only thing that will swallow them would be mouse/vole. Since I’d want them dead anyway, I see no issue.

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Search the word
allium validum

Gliricida sepium

I understand , what you mean
, but if you do go that route ,and have heard this before
maybe a canister with holes cut in sides so the gases prevent them place in tree tube

Have the lid on so no rain washes into soil
that stuff is made of coal tar do you want that in your soil, and body from fruit.

I would guess A tobacco spray or something might discourage voles rhubarb leaf spray (oxalic acid in leaf) for insects like tobacco might stop them
cayenne pepper sulfer is said to,

I know Catnip mint (Family) essientail oils (lavender basil herbs etc.)
the mice are not suppose to like (a rodent)

I would lay traps , at least that is not going to contaminate the soil

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