Mottled yellow mandarin leaves (potted)


Got these two trees in spring, a golden nugget and a kishu. They both have a few starts of fruits on them after blossoming pretty densely. However, the Golden Nugget never looked healthy, I suspect either or both of sprays by the nursery and frosts at the nursery. It looks worse than the kishu, but they both now have a bit of yellow mottling on the leaves.

Doesn’t cross veins so it seems like not citrus greening.

Help me out, any clue what is ailing them?

Haven’t repotted as I want to put them in the ground but am waiting to do some work on the house to open up a spot.



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Second photo

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Gold Nugget is the hardest citrus tree in our yard to keep healthy. I have found that by keeping it well fertilized and spreading Slugo around base will keep it looking good. As with most trees it does not like wet feet so I recommend planting on a mound if your soil is questionable.

Might be citrus greening disease

From all I’ve read on greening, this isn’t the right symptom. I did consider it though. The pictures I’ve seen seem closest to mineral deficiencies, zinc or some other but was hoping to see if this was clear to the experts on here before trying to throw a kitchen sink of minerals at it.

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Did you finally figure out? Zinc or iron or manganese deficiency?