Moving citrus trees inside

After 3 weeks out I got back and draged my 2 30 gallon Fukushu kumquat trees in tonight to clear the 19F forcast. They have seen 12 hard frost nights with 2 nights of 25F.

Despite the 2 25F and 10 below 30F nights the fresh growth kept growing undamaged.


I moved my 20 year old Meyer lemon onto the garage last week for the winter, as I have for the past several years. For the past 3 or 4 years, it bursts into bloom just a few weeks after bringing it into the garage. I have tried to pollenate it with a paintbrush, pencil, all the recommended things. Alas, I have failed as a bee, and got no fruit from the amazing bloom display. Does anyone have recommendations?


Same thing hapens to me, no fruit.


Same happened to me last year. Flowers bloomed but no fruit. I wonder if they were just too young though because my peppers were so easy to pollinate.

You could try using GA3, it could take the place of bee’s. 1/2 t spoon per gl, only when in full bloom. If your soil is bone dry in the garage, these things could happen. If you only have one tree, a little spray bottle with a couple of drops would be good. Not to be used outside when bee,s are around.

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Thanks so much; will have to look up GA3 and try it.

I have 2 seedlings and a lime tree inside. Nothing blooming.

I’ve read at Versailles…Louis the XIV would bring his large potted citrus into a large room and they would build fires to keep them warm enough during winter.


My citrus fruit is just now ripe - bloom will come in the spring


I am very satisfied with the tree’s I am growing, plus the fruits I get from them. Taste wise, it might not be as delicious but still better than any store bought stuff. Hardly any use of sprays. Some sprays are just for better tasting and fruit size. How about cost? Do my own grafting. Sionwood? Exchanges among members on different forums. Belong to a prime citrus forum for years. As far as varieties, got all I wanted. Fruits: December till end of March. So, what about the rest of the year? Enjoyable to watch my little tree, like Christmas year around. Ornaments included.