Mulberries fruiting in September?

My Silk Hope mulberry has a second crop ripening now in September, and I was curious if anyone else has ever had this experience. It seems like it might be a response to hard summer pruning. Earlier in the spring, I had two late frosts that killed back all the new leaves on my mulberries. As a result, there were only a handful of fruit on each tree this past spring. I decided to give them all a more significant pruning than usual in early July to control their size. They’ve all put on a lot of new growth since then, but Silk Hope is the only one to fruit again. I’ve heard of perennial plants and trees that flower and fruit heavily as a last attempt to reproduce before they die. I hope that’s not what’s going on here!


My Pakistan mulberry has started a second crop. It may be related to stress - the microdrip line got pulled from the source, so it did not get any water for a couple of weeks.

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Yesrs ago, before I gave up on it, Pakistan had all its leaves burned off by a freakishly early frost…like in late Sept/early Oct…
It releafed, bloomed, and set fruit, but had not a prayer of ripening cefore real winter artived


Pruning will cause another crop. Youtube has some video’s of when to do it for best results. I have several trees and when they are done I’m overdosed on mulberry.

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