Mulberry/blackberry wine

I made some of this in the summer, and even raw, the taste blew me away. Gorgeous color, smell, taste- very rich. Really easy to make. The hardest thing was finding some yeast nutrient in my location.
I’m also glad because I was the only one who wanted to eat fresh mulberries, and there’s only so many of them I can use up in a smoothie, lol. They don’t store well . The thornless blackberries that grow here are also not so popular.


I’ve frozen mulberries on a cookie sheet, put in freezer bags, and used them over the months.

If you’ve not tried ‘mulberry upsidedown cake’ you haven’t lived yet!

I have bought this juice a couple of times at Aldi. It has pomegranate, tart cherry, red grape, strawberry, mulberry, fig AND cranberry juice.

Whatever is in it cleans out my kidneys like crazy… at least it makes them sore…

I plan on making my own mulberry blackberry raspberry etc juice next year if all goes well.

Sounds delicious! Care to share the recipe? For future reference, I’ve read that you can take old yeast (bread yeast, extra from the bottom of the carboy of a previous batch, etc.), boil it to sterilize, and use in place of yeast nutrient. The dead yeast have all the nutrients that the new yeast need. Not tried it myself.

Also, I second BlueBerry - frozen mulberries are great. Just had some on my cereal this morning.

I’ve made a few different wines. My best, by far, was blackberry wine. It was about 5 gallons of blackberry juice, brown sugar to the desired brix, and champagne yeast. Didn’t taste very good until it was a year old and then it was great. I used to have a gigantic blackberry patch where it was easy to pick gallons of blackberries.

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