Mulberry leaf disease? Chlorosis?

Hi, members that know me know that i am crazy about mulberries and have a lot of varieties.
I need some advice about the looks of some of my mulberries leafs.
Some of my cultivars in several trees present some of their leaves with this bright yellow stains around the edges of the leaf mainly. Other cultivars are absolutely fine with green lush leaves.

I think this is showing some nutricional deficiency, right?
Its chlorosis right?
What do you guys think its the problem? Lack of iron? Lack of zinc? Any other suggestion.
The afected trees are at full sun exposure, and seem to be fruiting fine also.
Strange because some cultivars are fine and others have part of their leaves like this

That could be a number of causes.Are the leaves curling inward and has there been a lot of rain?bb

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Definitively a lot of rain these last few days, leaves might be curling a bit inward yes @Bradybb

There’s a chance it could be Mosaic virus.Figs get this and there isn’t much that can be done and usually they go right on growing.
A nutrient deficiency could also be the cause.
Here’s a paper about different

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Thanks @Bradybb!! I"ll have a read. In doubt i put a multi purpose slow releaser fertilizer with trace elements today on all of them. I wasnt planning to give them fertilizer to be more organic but here you go… lol

@Bradybb wow, thats a book only on mulberry diseases!! So cool! Thanks

After reading that book its either mosaic virus or a deficiency in trace elements, zinc or phosporus i believe.
My bet is in a nutricional deficiency, will see if the fertilizer added today will do the job…


Ok, so i treated my mulberries with the following
. Multi purpose fertilizer NPK 14-7-14 (+3) with micronutrientes like 0.01 boro water soluble, 0.019 copper CU water solube quelated by EDTA, 0.05 Iron Fe water soluble quelated by EDTA, 0.05 manganese Mn water solube quelated with EDTA, 0.001 molibdene Mo water soluble, 0.019 zinc water soluble quelated by EDT
. Will also add today some pinches of iron sulfate in the soil
. As for the fungicide i didnt find any that says it treat the cercospora fungi (causes of leaf spot), so i bought FlintMax AL from BAyer - it has 0.125g/l tebucunazol and 0.125g/l of trifloxistrobina - hope it helps