Mulberry Mosaic Virus?

Can anyone confirm? Nothing I can do, right? This is a Pakistan Mulberry tree.

Could it be just a natural mutation? The tree looks otherwise healthy

Is there anything munching on the lower side of those leaves? It’s an interesting striking pattern for sure hopefully not a virus but could be if that’s not something slurping on your leaves

It looks healthy but didn’t set any fruit in its second year in ground. Something’s off.

No, that’s just the regular variance in leaf shape like figs.

Oh I meant the way the yellow mottling moves through the leaves. Why is second year in ground with no fruit a issue? I thought Pakistani mulberry takes a few years to get going

what is the source of where you got the tree? is it grafted or own root? i never seen that in mulberry before. curious to know what can cause that. pakistan doesnt like my climate its drops fruit so much its on its third year even when it sets fruit by the time it ripens i dont have any to eat premature dropping

My earlier Mulberry plantings gave me fruit the same year. In fact, I got fruit (didn’t ripen) from cuttings!


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Source is Dave Wilson Nursery through a retail nursery. I have the label too.

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Saw this when I was picking a few fruits today. The tree is healthy and fruiting. Same source as you - DWN tree picked up in Alden Lane nursery

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@bleedingdirt I downloaded my weather app while I was on a business trip staying in Newport California since then my phone trolls me with your weather and it upsets me a lot of times. Your always in the 60-85f zone and then once it’s summer I’m way hotter and now your telling me your getting fruit off your mullberries in one year :see_no_evil:

I am seeing the same symptoms on my leaves. Should I burn the tree :frowning: ?

Did you do something about this ? I am seeing this too. Its a DWN tree from Payless, San Jose. I was told by DWN that it is a tissue culture tree and it could be stress.

I didn’t do anything and the tree is growing and producing profusely.

Have the symptoms progressed to many more leaves ? People think it’s a virus and it is better to get rid of it as it is supposed to cause deformed fruits. I think as long as the tree is healthy, it should be able to keep the virus in control.

It did look like the Mulberry mosaic virus, when I looked at it last time. I didn’t do anything because the tree was/is growing well (highly multi-grafted) and fruits are ripening without any issues.

My tree shook it off and grew great last year. This year it has already put on 2+ feet of growth.