Mulberry: the king of tree fruits (for pigs)


Hi. Can you tell me where you got your lavender mulberry from?


looks like like male pakistan. did they respond? i ordered many bareroot trees from them mostly died they didnt make it. when onegreenworld and raintree bareroot did just fine. i dont recommend them either. do you grow both thai dwarf and world best to compare side by side?


I don’t have ‘Thai Dwarf’…I have ‘World’s Best’ and ‘Chiang Mai #60’…They are very similar in growth habits and fruit, but the ‘Chiang Mai’ buds out about 10 days later than ‘World’s Best’. ‘Chiang Mai’ is also a little bit more fussy about nutrient requirements when very young, but seems fine once it gets established.


I heard Chiange mai #60, worlds best, dwarf issai, thai dwarf are similar. How does worlds best taste? is it sweet tart or just sweet? Does it have one or two crops? I had the issai dwarf it has two crops first one is average. more tart than sweet. The second crops is better more sweet.


World’s Best, Chiang Mai, and Issai all have similar growth habits, and Chiang Mai and World’s Best are very similar in taste…Both are firm in texture, which is good for picking and selling (Very popular in Thailand) and the fruits are not as sweet as some mulberries, but they have a pleasing taste and they make excellent cobblers, smoothies, cereal topping, ice cream, and wine (everyone loves my mulberry wine). All three cultivars are highly productive (my ~4 year old World’s Best produced well over 70 pounds this spring). Issai (in my opinion) has a weird taste, so I don’t eat it fresh, but still use it in making wine and it seems to do just fine in cobblers and such. All three cultivars will produce a fall crop, especially if they are pruned back (removing at least a third of their growth)…Fruit will start ripening about 8 weeks after they are pruned, so make sure you leave plenty of time before the first anticipated fall frost. And yes, I agree, the second fruiting is sweeter (albeit less productive fruiting).


I may have to try again on the dwarf ones. I just made the statement to myself that “I’m DONE!”

Just planted 6 mulberries…

BTW… one of them was Miss Kim — she is growing well.


Any final height/vigor info on this variety? Is it in line with Illinois Everbearing? I can’t find too much info on it.


@chadspur which variety are you asking about?


Miss Kim


I don’t know too much about it either. It was given to me. I did get to taste the berries and they are super sweet but not sure as to height, etc. it is supposed to be later breaking bud and therefore miss the late frost which killed all my world’s best. @Livinginawe May have more info.


I don’t know much about ‘Miss Kim’ either. It has large, very nice tasting sweet fruit, but without the flavor complexities of perhaps ‘Silk Hope’, ‘Illinois Everbearing’, or a true Black Mulberry (‘Noir of Spain’, ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Persian’). But I am particularly fond of ‘Miss Kim’ because it breaks bud several weeks later than ‘Shangri-la’, but earlier than ‘Silk Hope’ and ‘Illinois Everbearing’, making it well suited for missing late frosts at my Gainesville Florida location. Here in Gainesville, summer is well underway before ‘Silk Hope’, ‘Illinois Everbearing’, and my ‘Persian’ break bud…By the time the fruit is ripe on these mulberries, the bugs are in control and the fruits ripening last get somewhat dehydrated from the heat. Give me twenty years and I will be able to tell you how tall the tree gets.


Today gives me the following in my orchard:

Illinois Everbearing
Silk Hope
Miss Kim
Local Red Mulberry

Hopefully soon I will have enough for the birds and perhaps I’ll get some too!!


Do mulberries like Silk Hope and Kokuso produce as young trees? Can I keep them small by pruning and holding back on water and still get fruit?


I’m not experienced with them except this year my Silk Hope graft did produce a few berries and I did prune the height of it during the summer which produced a few more berries. I would guess yes, it would give you fruit.

Silk Hope does grow fast… a picture in September of my spring graft. It was a large scion in an established rootstock that really took off.


Nice tree. I think I could work with that in my greenhouse. Thank you for your input…!


Fruitnut, i bought a potted silk hope from just fruits and exotics in june a year ago. The trunk was the diameter of my pinky but had branches and fruit on it already. Im guessing it was just over 1 yr post grafting. This spring it made fruit at almost every bud. JF&E told me that once it gets the size i want, to prune it back in mid-late summer to get a push of new growth that will fruit the next spring. This method will keep it bush size indefinitely. You probably already know that. Im going to grow mine out for another year or two before starting that. Just light pruning to get the structure i want for now.


Thank you. That sounds promising. I’m going to order Silk Hope, Kokuso, and Gerardi.


As far as I know, all of JF&E’s mulberries are rooted cuttings. I asked them about their procedure and received an excellent email back explaining everything.
This was about 1 year ago.


Steve , since you have a green house then you should consider Pakistan Mulberry because the berries are huge, sweet, no stain, and tasty. I have the White also in pots and I preferred them over the rest.



Hi Tony I may try that. Actually Pakistan was one of the first trees I planted in my GH in 2005. The reason they were removed is they dropped their fruit. Maybe they weren’t well enough established to make a judgement. Or maybe the others will drop their fruit as well. My Nigra didn’t drop fruit last yr and it was moved in Jan of 2019. So I’m not sure how these will react. My GH is going to be very dry next yr compared to this past yr. I’m putting in measures to control the water passing thru my hundreds of potted figs.