Mulberry: the king of tree fruits (for pigs)


surely, it is an extremely dangerous undertaking(people get hurt all the time) which requires pointblank accuracy, deep thought, loads of insight, and utmost perseverance :point_up:

as for “mulberry professionals”, well, there might be some who walk this earth, but the only problem is that no brave soul dare publicly declare his/her expertise; about the weed-tree with fruits fit only for pigs…


Great information here…thanks. If I’m understanding you all then as long as I have a grafted mulberry it will probably produce fruit. That’s great news. As for what variety I really have…that sounds like a more difficult thing to determine. But since some of you said true Black Beauties are slow growers, I strongly suspect that I may not have one, because my willis orchards Black Beauty has grown incredibly fast and full. Perhaps I can post a photo and you folks could make a better guess at what I have. I’ll try that anyway. Thanks again.


Lighten up!


Would you comments on Black Beauty mulberry. It looks very small in the picture, am I correct? I bought a black beauty ( Adv as Persian mulberry, M. nigra, I called Jay and he said it actually is black beauty) from Willis this year. It is supposed to be up to 3 inch long. I bought this variety for the size of the berry.


jujubermberry, I can’t figure out if you are attempting to be a negative force or the life of the party. Subtle snark or sincere warm heart. That would be the danger of internet communication. I’d appreciate it if you’d clarify your meanings.


my black beauty mulberry is very tiny, and same with my other nigra’s, so i guess the fruits will be smaller compared to bigger specimens. But 3-inch long ones? I am afraid it is not the real black beauty mulberry.

an inch or so would probably be tops for the true nigra’s. Could safely say i can tell nigra’s from rubra’s, and alba’s, just by looking at the leaves and growth habit. But i cannot differentiate between rubra’s and alba’s.
would you have a picture of your tree?


neither. What about you?

must admit though am a sad sack about mulberries being underutilized, hence the recent posts. And i apologize.


would really appreciate if you post of a photo of your specimen. Same with @IL847, since both of you apparently ordered from willis nursery


Here’s my Pakistan Mulberry planted bare root this winter. It gave me 2 absolutely delicious fruits but the fruit size is too small for a Pakistan mulberry :confused:

On a side note, do not summer prune your mulberrries lest you want sap all over your pruners. Ask me how I know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Juju, that is a relief, and I apologize for giving you two false choices. It’s just your first reply about my small joke could be interpreted as the kind of comment typical of a high school bully. I’m glad that was the wrong interpretation and the opposite of your meaning.

Also, I thought your were honestly dissing folks who like mulberries, so you see, , I got all your comments completely backwards.


your specimen tree looks exactly like my pakistan mulb, but the fruit seems different. The fruit difference may just be due to regional effects or age of the tree. Ours grow pretty fast too,having grown >7 feet from a 8" tall specimen in just one year.


whoah! mulberry is my online surname, as an explicit invite for closet-aficionados(of mulberries) to encourage them to “out themselves” and share their experiences with me, lol


We planted a mulberry tree last year without ever having eaten one solely based on the non-stop rave reviews (and purple hands) from the employees at our local nursery. We had our first mulberries a couple weeks ago and they’re amazing.

Consider me outed.


yes! we’re multiplying! i agree, mulberries are amazing. All they really need to produce buckets of fruits are: a little bit of water, and plenty of neglect. I have just enough water where am at, but to make up for it , our trees get neglect in generous quantities.
lastly, it is outright cruel to have kids and not have a mulberry tree. Nutritionally, all berries are healthy, but only mulberries are guaranteed to be pesticide-free.


Since planting a Pakistan about two years ago,the fruit drop at the green stage.The tree is in a half whiskey barrel.I think the thing gets enough water.Maybe I should transplant into the ground. Brady


Brady I had that same issue on Pakistan planted in my greenhouse. Two trees and they both dropped the fruit. At the time I wasn’t sure what was going on. Now I realize the trees were probably more water stressed than I thought based on how the other trees reacted and produced. Trees had these great big leaves, looked good, and dropped fruit. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong.


Here are some photos of my “Black Beauty” from Willis Orchards. It was planted in April 2014, so this is its second leaf. You can’t tell from the photos, but it is 8 feet tall and very bushy. I topped it several times because I was trying to turn it into more of a bush than a tree- not sure if that was wise or not. In the photo I took to show you the bark, you can also see one thing that worries me about my tree- will it end up splitting at this fork one day? Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think I have. Thanks.

Please help identify what kind of mulberry tree I got from mail order

sorry @thecityman, i really think it is not a nigra. Nigra’s leaves appear thicker and more scruffy than other species, and like the fruits, are borne relatively close to the stems, with what appear to be relatively shorter and stiff petioles and leaves(nigra’s leaves don’t appear pliable/banner-like) . Also, nigra’s tend to have a more tortuous or gnarly growth habit, and don’t grow extremely long and straight canes like the one you have–aside from growing really slow. Dwarf gerardi’s are the only alba’s i know of which could appear like nigra’s. Good thing is that gerardi’s usually fruit on the first year of planting, and its berries are borne different from nigra’s from the get-go.
of course the disclaimer-- this is not expert advice, and am quite open to have others challenge it.
in fact, i am actually hoping to be proven wrong.


may just be due to age/‘readiness’ of the plant. For three years, our black beauty mulb fruits would reach red-stage, but would (quite-painfully)drop off before they reach the dark purple color. All of them…
It was only this year that they nudged them into reaching full-ripeness, which i hope would be a trend from hereon, since they are getting bigger every year.
pakistani’s also have this annoying habit of bearing fruits quite low to the ground, even though >7 feet tall. Our specimen successfully nursed its fruits to maturity on its first year of planting, but the berries were too close to the ground, which i was fine with since it was not much more than 8" tall when acquired, but on the second year,and having bolted 7 feet, the darn thing fruited at practically the same height it fruited the previous year! Like yours and @fruitnut , all other berries at the higher rungs ended up dropping at the green stage, which was really annoying, as there are quite a few feral cats in the neighborhood which LOVE to scent-mark low-lying plants…
below is a mini documentary of our pakistani’s progress from last year to this year.


Alan made me laugh again.