Mulberry tree can I save it?

I have a mulberry tree that’s looking bad is there any way to fix it the

leaves are turning black and yellow

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Are you sure about that? Leaves look nothing like mulberry to me.


Looks like CHE tree to me .
Possible frost damage ?



Agree with others its a che fruit tree.

It doesn’t look like a mulberry tree

Some of the branches have some serious thorns on them… not sure what that is.

Does not look like a mulberry to me either.

My new CHE took a hard frost in its first year 2020… and lost all leaves… and all but two buds… about a month later they came back out from the two lowest buds.

It is a nice sized tree now.

“Che “ has often been called on line “ Chinese mulberry “
I suspect that is the source of confusion ?


Yeah my bad and everyone my bad I meant Che tree I just call it mulberry cause the fruit is similar

It’s a Che my bad I meant to say that

Did your tree look like mine?


That is my CHE summer before last… after summer pruning.

Mine does not have the thorns that your has.

Got mine from Cliff at Englands orchard… it is California Dreaming seedless che.

Above is the only pic I saved of it last year… behind the berries. Mine set first fruit last year but it all dropped before getting ripe. Hoping this year it may ripen some.


Wow that’s a nice tree how exactly do you prune yours do you just cut 50% of the tree off?


That is what my CHE looks like today. My pruning of it so far has mostly been to keep it somewhat under control height and width wise.

I want to be able to reach the fruit… so will try to keep it no more than 8 ft tall. Width wise along the bed i will let it go out some… but out into the yard i cut it back so the yard can be mowed without fighting a che.

Ps… i checked mine today and it does have a few small thorns on some of the older wood.

Ps2… mine was starting to show a little green last week… then we had two nights in the mid 20s. That green is now shrivled and brown. Hopefully it comes back out soon.