Mulberry tree shangri la, to cut a trunk or not?

My shangri la mulberry has grown a lot since it was a cutting 3 years ago, was put in the ground this year.
It has 2 trunks from the soil level.
I am wondering if it would be best to cut off the 2nd smaller trunk/branch and leave it grow as a single trunk tree instead?
Would you leave it or cut it?
If i cut it, i will use it for new cuttings


I’d cut it.

II wish I could get Mulberries to strike. I bought a cloning machine and plan to try it on Mulberry cuttings.

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I am really inclined to cut it

What is a cloning machine?

^^^ It’s a plastic box with sprayers aimed at the bottom of the cuttings.

I ve heard about those machines, i dont think the results were good for mulberries though
Some varieties root quite well in soil and shade, my shangri las and Oscar were cuttings i rooted, already rooting more shangri las also from my trees.
Other varieties i tried multiple times and always failed.
Failed to root: silk hope, white pakistan, pakistan, gerardi, nigras

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Nigras always fail as cuttings, but not as air-layers. Pakistan is caliper-sensitive, and it has to be the right time of the year, meaning Spring. If thinner than a pencil, or thicker than a broomstick, failure rate is somehow high. Anything in between at the right time of the year should strike. Going back to your Shangri-La, I would leave it and let it grow as a two trunk tree. Easier to climb on it to pick fruit…

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I like your point of view