Multi-grafted persimmon being rebuilt

Thanks to a lot of donors who contributed persimmon scionwood. Even though I grafted late, they have taken and are now vigorously growing!


What varieties do you have?

Haven’t documented which ones yet. Many people donated scionwood and I randomly picked which ones to graft. Have limited branches so not all were grafted. Will come back later to see which ones took and which one didn’t before I document in my database. Seems like all of them took but no documentation yet.

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Joe, how do you ensure success of (taking) new graft when there are other branches of the established persimmon plant competing for growth and energy during the growing season ?
I am in zone 9A (Houston, Texas), bark grafted Red Giombo and Saijo to 3 year old Tanenashi as bark graft. Grafted about 3-4 weeks ago (2nd week March) and not much growth so far, some buds notes to be swelling. Thanks much for your insight!

Derick Antony. Houston.