Multi-trunk, multi-variety persimmon grafting project

I thought I’d create a thread to track a persimmon grafting project I started on a multi-trunk seedling growing in my inlaws’ yard in WV (6a) about 4 hours away. Since we only get out there once a month at the most, I wasn’t sure how it would work out since I wouldn’t be there to keep competing growth from the rootstock from inhibiting the grafts. I decided to top the tree fairly high up in case it didn’t work out so I could just let it regrow and it would quickly look like a full tree again. So far I’m pretty pleased with how it is doing.

Here is the initial tree after grafting (posted earlier in the persimmon grafting thread).

And here is how it has done over the last three months, including how I’ve pruned growth to hopefully keep some of the lower grafts alive, etc.

I’ll update this again in the fall when it goes dormant, then in the Spring when it wakes up and I can see how the grafts fared over the winter and hopefully next summer if we get any fruit forming. Any suggestions on some of the issues I’ve seen (wounds on growth, some tip dieback, etc.) are very welcome.


Wondering why video will not play?. Would like to view it?
Kent, wa


Thanks for letting me know @DennisD. I had a bad link, but have fixed it. Please try again and let me know if you have any issues.

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Looks pretty good to me. A good established root stock really makes a big difference. I would have grafted even higher. Seems a waste to cut off much height. But that’s me talking with a deer problem.