Multi use grafting tool

Is anyone try this tool?


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You need to log in to see details, but here is a screenshot. Basically just a grafting tool.

I have one like that. I used it once. It works if the size of rootstock and scion match. I find it easier to just use a grafting knike. If doing a large number of grafts on similar sized wood it might be fast.

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I am cheap, i would love to be wrong but given that you would be pressed to find a good fixed blade knife at that price, let alone matched jaws, etc…i remain a bit skeptical.

Knives for me now that i am comfortable using them…

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Works just like any other grafting tool - this one is much cheaper and easier to work with than the fake V-cut Zenport ZJ68. Results are equal for both tools. I only use it for grafting jujube because of difficulty taking chip buds on mostly zig zag wood.

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I made around 200 grafts this spring using this tool. It works very well on some things and not so well on others. I like it most for persimmon, jujube, and pawpaw. Doesn’t work at all for mulberries as it seems to just crush the wood. It is very fast. Obviously it has limitations and quirks but I’ve had lots of success with it.

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That looks like the one that comes with an “omega” blade, which I think is dumb. I have a similar type of tool that’s a lot more substational, I think I paid $16 on Amazon. It only makes V cuts and there are two curved blades that meet in a point. I made about 70 grafts with it this year and it was very quick, easy, and has a great take rate so far. There is a learning curve, and you will still need a grafting knife to fine tune some grafts. I quickly figured out that if you’re careful you can actually match up scion/stock with different diameters with a little extra cutting/shaving/shaping.

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There is one that supposedly can do ‘bud grafting’, and something called ‘English Double Notch’ grafting. as well as ‘V graft’, and ‘omega’ grafting, and it’s made in Italy INNESTATRICE MANUALE 4T

Here is a video of it being used, I think he used the Omega graft

Here are two more places selling it

  1. (This one does not appear to have the ‘English Double Notch’ grafting blade, unless they just forgot to update the ad for the newest model) Grafting Tool Italian

  2. Google Shopping - Product not found

As well as the replacement blades Cerca

I wonder how good it works for the bud grafting and for the ‘English Double Notch’ grafting, ‘English Double Notch’ grafting seems to look a lot like Z grafting to me.