Multigraft apple tree in bloom

A seedling apple tree that was around 30’ higah when I started frameworking it 6 years back. Varieties are Sweet 16, Wealthy, Baldwin, Blue Pearmain, Canadian Strawberry, Starkey, English Golden Russet, Pomme Gris, Pittston Pineapple, Ribbon Pippen, Hewe’s Virginia Crab, and a limb of the original. I grafted the tree over a 3 year period, and it sure went through some awkward looking phases…still much shaping to do, but I wanted to let the tree grow freely after cutting it back when I grafted. This is the first year all the grafted limbs are blooming!

You might be able to spot some of the unions, many are outgrowing the stock, but hopefully it will get into balance in the years to come.


Nice work, Jesse.

I have had grafts overgrow the host but in time they have to come into balance. If the branch starts to fruit heavily that should slow it down, but also runs the risk of putting too much weight on the union.