Muntingia calabura dead?

I moved my two potted muntingia calabura plants outside today and it looks like one started leafing out but the other died back quite a bit. Since this is my first time bringing them out of dormancy I don’t know what to expect. Will they push out new buds from the remaining trunk or push out new growth from the roots or are they just slowly dying?

I had only four berries ripen last fall and am absolutely sold on them.


not sure re: your whereabouts but if you are in a rather northern latitude your muntingia may remain dormant for a while still. Btw, most species that succumb to cold weather end up with rubbery stems, but muntingias are naturally rubbery so might mistake it for dead but may actually still be alive. Maybe situate by a south-facing wall if you have decided not to bring it back indoors.

btw, quite intrigued and curious/nosy there’s one member growing this species!

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It had definitely died back because the limbs were shriveled like a raisin and when I pruned it off a little at a time it was consistently brown underneath the shriveled bark. I guess I will find out in the next month what direction they are headed…