Murder hornet has arrived
This will impact honeybees which are an important pollinator. May effect fruit production as well if they attack fruit.

I just found out myself. There go honeybees and also bumble bees. Here I’ve been attracting them and giving them and planting as many flowers as I can. Bumblebee is what I’m worried about. Every year I see less. This year the fewest wonder if those 60 degree days in February messed them up.


Has anyone experimented with hive access screening to keep out much larger insects?


Entrance reducers yes for things like mice & weak colonies just starting. Ihave nailed hail screen on the front ofcourse to for prevention of mice just big enough for bees only…

I have seen native hornets and yellow jackets go right through 1/4" hardware cloth on foundation vents; that should keep out the Asian hornets.