Muscadine Problem for Philippines

I have a homestead in the Philippines and in five years plan to reside there part time. I’d like to plant muscadines there but not sure they will grow well. Im sure they will do okay at minimum because i see isons website claim they can be grown in zone 10 Florida and it’s warm there all year around.

Does anyone know who may ship muscadine plants to the Philippines?

Can they be rooted from cuttings?

Any chance at getting good quality plants from seeds?

How many years to produce fruit from seed?

Which varieties you think will produce the best from seeds?


? Perhaps Thompson and Morgan in UK can ship there?

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Can you get jaboticaba in Philippines? Many describe as having a muscadine taste

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Today I bought some Muscadine grapes. First I thought they’re Jabuticaba. Looking alike but No they are not Jabuticaba.


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately in accordance with their website they do not carry muscadines.

Not sure but I’ll be asking a friend who lives there and grows fruit. Thank you for the suggestion

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I’ve read you can start by green cuttings while other websites say cuttings will not root.

Anybody ever rooted muscadine cuttings with success?

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You could try seeds or get a USDA Permit certificate disease free
I am not sure if pierce disease is In that country , but if not
you could get in big trouble importing a disease from the mites in the leaves .

Think the American vines almost destroyed all the European grape vines
they had to be grafted to American rootstock .

I hope do not sound harsh in any way
just It kind of sucks If all the grapes could be wiped out (in certain countries )

Seedlings should not take long
you could mail some to a friend , and have him start so when you arrive it will be ready
we also have another sour grape in TX called the Mustang grape .

I have a lot of grape breeder stuff if you want to know about it
sadly some of these sites are not online
since some of these breeders sites are older then 10 years old, but some are.


Grapes have been grown in the tropics
many have they force the grapes to go into a dormant period

large scale they may tear off the leaves with a lot of labor or use UREA (which is in Piss)
t defoliate all the leaves.

Quit watering the vines, and stop the flow of nutrients .
they do thast with a few other plants in the tropics as well …

(see My post below about pierces disease
computers about to die )

you could also grow very sour grapes if you wanted to try to breed some yourself
Vitis shuttleworthii is a florida grape .

Muscadines/ Mustang grapes have a different chromosome as others (40 , and 38 others)
they should not graft with each other , but people have breed them together by doubling the chromosomes (it happens naturally sometimes in nature )
, but can be done my mutations with a plant crocus root (Think Saffon the spice)) pc about to die but

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I certainly don’t want to violate any laws or harm any crops. I’ve been researching who to contact if i could import a few plants legally.

Thank you for above information and yes I’d be interested in breeding grapes. Any information you can pass on will be greatly appreciated.

No, i did not take your information as harsh. In fact. I’m greatly thankful you took the time to help, thank you.

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Also, I’ve been told growing muscadines from seeds and getting anything decent is a long shot.

Oops I thought this was for the Puerto rico area

Have you heard of Other sections Of grapes for the tropics
ampelocissus etc (african grapes West I believe, and congo)

Did pre write some stuff, but didn’t finish every thing I was trying to say.
Growing fruit deleted it I believe after a few days or I did .(maybe in my email. Still looking(

Edit I will try to keep this subject active as I find this interesting, but may need time to write , and provide links for seeds
(of coarse I will try not to over whelm with too much info at once )

What is the Altitude your at I do not know about this Much,
but this might be good to know?

Are you interested in Wine making in any way?
What about supper Sour fruit for jams , or juice with water / sugar added
but so sour it will burn your mouth if eaten raw (Mustang grape Of Texas)

I will try to come back , but after Wednesday It will take a week for me to reply.

I did have something explaining , Grapes family (be patience I like this stuff myself)

Here are some India Ampelocissus
Ampelocissus Africa(something is interesting)
So are some of these species from South America

Genus Cissus (in grape) Vitaceae is intersting looks like a cactus

What about Plina A tree with fruit on Tree trunk (jabotabica spelling)'like mentioned
slow growing

Definitely not a long shot. 2 out of 5 seedlings I grew produced very good fruits. I am still waiting on the other 3. You are just gambling with yield, vigor, sex, and taste. To get something that would taste good is very easy if it got good parents.


That’s encouraging. If i may ask which parents seeds the two good tasting came from?

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Triumph and Black Beauty.

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Very nice, thank you sir

Have found out anything about growing muscadine in the Philippines? I see a lot of grapes here but not muscadine been looking but no luck if you have found any information let me know thanks