Muscadines, air layer or root cuttings

I have read articles and watched videos on rooting cuttings and air layering on muscadines. I have also attempted to germinate seeds but I have failed at each of them. I have over 10 vines growing. Youngest vines are 3 yrs old. I am having trouble finding the Southern Home vine to purchase so I have been attempting to propagate with no success.
Would anyone that has had success propagating vines offer any advise?

I understand muscadines are difficult to root. This paper is for more typical Vitis Vinifera.

But in a nut shell 2000mg/liter of NAA 1-naphthaleneacetic acid improves rooting rate to 100% for Vinifera

And 250mg/liter of Cytokin BA, benzyladenineor Ki, kinetin improve callus formation of grafts.

these airlayer pods might help your atempts : IDOXE Root Growing Box Black Tree Rooter Ball, Updated Plant Rooting Ball Air Propagation, Reusable Root Propagator, High Pressure Grafting Kit Ball Plant Rooting Device for Trees Flowers (6Packs) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Effects of auxins and cytokinins on graft union of grapevine Vitis vinifera.pdf (2.4 MB)

I air layered one fairly easily just by taking one of the shoots that came off the main stem and laying it on the ground and putting a rock on it. At the end of the season I cut it off and dug it up. There were plenty of roots.

There are definitely more complicated ways to do it that you could try, but I didn’t really need the extra and just felt like experimenting.

Thank you. Maybe I am not giving it enough time. Patience is not my forte’

Airlayer around mid June. Cut them off after first frost. Cuttings also roots at a much lower success rate.

Air layering usually involved putting a shoot in a bag with some growing medium. Muscadines don’t need anything that fancy. Drop a few vigorous runners on the ground and put a shovel of dirt on in 3 or 4 places about 2 feet apart. The vine will root each place it is covered with dirt. You can easily make 30 or 40 new plants in a few weeks.

When? Mid June works very well. Leave the runners to grow roots until they lose leaves in the fall, then dig the rooted plants in January or February.

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I am just too early.
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