Muscat Beauty at Whole Foods

These are the best and sweetest Muscat at $2.99 per lb. I can eat 1 pound in a setting with no problem.



I love its aroma. gonna get some, Thanks Tony.

I’d love to have Whole foods or Trader Joes in my town but unfortunately I don’t. I’ve heard rumors of Trader Joes coming to town but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Many of my orchid friends love to go to trade joe to buy decent priced, decent size ,and nice varieties of orchids.

Same here. No Whole, No Trader and no Costco. I’m 2 hrs from Madison, WI in one direction and 2 hrs from Minneapolis in the other.

I’d love to try these… I tried those “cotton candy” grapes in the fall and was disgusted by them…not a fan…but too be honest, i’ve never been a huge grape guy (although i do like my Reliance grapes that i grow).

My mom had a bag here near Portland, OR and I thought they were ho-hum compared to Sweet Seduction.

sweet deduction is that good?

To my taste.

work across the street from a fairway and down the block from whole foods, but what i really miss are Wegmans

Sherlock Holmes really likes them…

I’ve gotten Muscat Beauty at Whole Foods (which I pass on my way to play badminton) and really like them. I haven’t seen them at Trader Joe’s (pass on my way to work) or Costco, though my wife usually goes there- I should have her on the lookout.

I like the Cotton Candy grapes too, but they have a very different flavor profile. I could see some people not liking MB because they aren’t as firm/crisp as other grapes, such as CC.

I just bought a box of Cotton Candy at Sam’s club and i would’n mind a couple of bushes.
I find them del’s,can’t eating them,box is empty!

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I mean, i can stop eating them!

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I liked the Muscat Beaty with the Lychee flavor so much that my wife just bought 8 more pounds for me at Whole Foods.


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