Mushrooms 2020


I can see these Chicken of the woods growing from my bathroom window. I think I spotted them early this year but they dont look as vibrant orange as I would think form the early stage.

Shitake Logs i keep under the trampoline


just picked and ate a large flush of blue oysters from the large maple logs making up one of my raised beds. grilled with garlic butter and served on grilled moose burgers!


I’m just hoping I managed to keep my new logs/beds alive this year through the drought.

Wild mushrooms are pretty much a bust this year for me. On the other hand, my brother in NJ had been finding kilos of chanterelles every time he goes out, in his first year hunting.


Im in NJ will he share his hunting location i promise to not over harvest


Beautiful! Yum!!

I’ve been wanting to get shiitake logs going. I haven’t read up on it in a while. What is the best time of year to inoculate logs? Ty.


Spring or Fall but you also want the logs to be freshly cut. That doesn’t mean you cant during the summer you just want to make sure to seal the cut end with wax and keep the logs regularly moisten.


been starting to get some blewits flushing lately. early for them as they usually come out early oct.


I’ll have to check my spots. We’ve been getting some decent rain lately.


That is awesome. I was on ebay checking out mushroom spawn. I’m tempted to try lions mane…using oak wood pellets.

I might go out hiking looking for some now that it has turned wet again.


Shitake harvest