Mushrooms 2020

I can see these Chicken of the woods growing from my bathroom window. I think I spotted them early this year but they dont look as vibrant orange as I would think form the early stage.

Shitake Logs i keep under the trampoline


just picked and ate a large flush of blue oysters from the large maple logs making up one of my raised beds. grilled with garlic butter and served on grilled moose burgers!


I’m just hoping I managed to keep my new logs/beds alive this year through the drought.

Wild mushrooms are pretty much a bust this year for me. On the other hand, my brother in NJ had been finding kilos of chanterelles every time he goes out, in his first year hunting.


Im in NJ will he share his hunting location i promise to not over harvest

Beautiful! Yum!!

I’ve been wanting to get shiitake logs going. I haven’t read up on it in a while. What is the best time of year to inoculate logs? Ty.

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Spring or Fall but you also want the logs to be freshly cut. That doesn’t mean you cant during the summer you just want to make sure to seal the cut end with wax and keep the logs regularly moisten.


been starting to get some blewits flushing lately. early for them as they usually come out early oct.

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I’ll have to check my spots. We’ve been getting some decent rain lately.

That is awesome. I was on ebay checking out mushroom spawn. I’m tempted to try lions mane…using oak wood pellets.

I might go out hiking looking for some now that it has turned wet again.

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Shitake harvest




I get an acre of wooded area beyond my fence. I rarely go there and I’m thinking of using it to possibly grow mushroom. Did not think about until someone mentioned this to me. Here is a photo.

That is an entirely natural area, never cultivated. All wild vegetation and it is also a deer alley. There are various dead logs and I can cut them down into pieces. There are also layers of dead grass and leaves. There is also layer of natural humus over many years. I’ve also cut down many trees there before to stop the red cedar and wild pear trees from invading my yard.

So I think that is a natural habitat to grow mushroom. I’m just new to this. Need some digging.

My first set of questions are:

  1. Does deer bother with mushroom?
  2. How much water do I need? I’ve have to wheel in water in wheelbarrow.
  3. Do I need rotten wood, or fresh wood? I get plenty of both. I also cut down about 30 trees over the summer at another area of my property. There are also several dead trees that I need to cut down.

Good for another possibility.

Here’s a ghostly looking mushroom
No idea what it is.


A Martian mushroom

I would start by growing shitake on fresh (less than 1 month cut) oak logs of 6-10’ diameter about a yard long innoculated in the Spring.
Of the various Shitake spawn sellers around the country, this is THE BEST by far.

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Is fresh wood from wild pear trees good enough? I think this is considered hardwood. I can cut down 3-4 of them.

Pear tree wood will do just fine. Pine and Hemlock should be avoided.

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How long those logs can last? One season?

Pugged these in 2018, When a Nor'Easter fells a tree in the woods (Growing Mushrooms) - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit

I think the first flush was in 2019 and still going strong in 2020. I should start looking for replacement logs next spring but i would guest these will not be totally done till 2022.

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That is a good one. I just fell a few trees. But most of them are red cedars. I recall two wild pear trees. Not sure if it is going to be too late to spring time. I can always cut down more wild pear trees in the woods.

I get a few of these beauties each season. This King was in prime shape.