Mushrooms Identification needed

I am in MA. We have a lot of rain this July, like about to break the 100 year record.

I put a lot of new mulch around my trees. These days I see these mushrooms show up. They look interesting. I would like to know the name if possible and whether or not they are poisonous.

@Hillbillyhort suggested a spore test on the original thread that was accidentally deleted. I need to look up how to do spore test.

Here are the pics of mushrooms.

And the comparison of the old one and the newly flipped over one.

And this was what old one looks like.

Here is the basic idea …

The idea is simply cut off stem , place cap on paper over night covered with a bowl.
The color will help in identifying.


I did the spore test. What am I supposed to look for when I open the cover tomorrow morning?

You look for the color of the spores that will drop overnight. I often do half and half, black and white construction paper underneath the cap to help me determine the color.

Yes, I placed the mushroom cap on a half dark blue and half white paper. Will let you guys know what I’ll find out tomorrow.


@AaronN and @Hillbillyhort
I consider the spores white. The pic of the cap before I removed it and the spores that fell off.

Try going through this key


I agree it looks white , at least from here …
Look at it under different lighting conditions, sun light . Etc.
Some light bulbs can make a difference in the color you see.
Such that maybe it’s pink in the sun, but white under a house light bulb , or Vice versa.
Any luck with the key ?

I took the paper outside but we had a gray sky. It was white.

Thank you for the link. It looks like time consuming to find out what I have. Since I won’t eat them, only want to know what they are, I will look into it when I have more time (like in the winter).

Thank you for the link.


Yes , it can be time consuming, and confusing to do a proper mushroom ID. Some of the terminology, descriptions can be hard for a novice to wade through.
An other option is to join and post it on a site like this…

It can be hard to ID. Remotely , best to have a fresh specimen with a expert looking at it, often many details are important.
Some are easy , some not …

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I found an interesting purple top mushroom a few hours ago. While I didn’t try to ID it, I’m fairly sure it is one of the psilocybin types.

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And how are you feeling now ?



I don’t eat any mushrooms until they are positively ID’d. I have no idea what this one is so it is still sitting out there in the woods.


Just for larks, here is a picture. The purple color has lightened significantly since yesterday. It is sprinkling rain which made it so glossy.

While that looks psychedelic, i’ve never seen any psilocybin that look like that.
May be a purple bloom Russula , or some thing else

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Agree, not psilocybin. I pulled it a few minutes ago. It has a 4 inch stem with white gills not attached. This one is probably edible but not yet ID’d.

I believe the purple one is Cortinarius iodes.

That’s one of the more common purple ones, and is a possibilty. Corts have a distinctive rusty cast to their gills from the spores, and an obvious cobwebby membrane that usually shows up as remnants on the stem. If it were a cort, it’s definitely best avoided.

I thought psilocybin mushrooms were small and brown.