Musk strawberry pollination

Does anyone know if musk strawberries can be pollinated by conventional and or alpine strawberries?

In my experience when the female musk strawberries flower without a male musk strawberry, but with alpine or conventional, they do not set fruit.

Thank you for your input! Looks like I’ll be growing some males as well. Do you think they live up to the hype when it comes to flavor?

I don’t know anything about hype around these. They have a unique tropical fruit flavor that I love.

Will these do ok in about 70% shade? Or is that too much?

I looked around and there only really seems to be 2 varieties with raintree and 2 males. Is one set better than the other?

Might pop some into a flower bed as a cover if they can handle the shade.

My experience has been that they will grow in shade, but with very little flower production so they are not productive. If you want fruit, I would plant them in a sunnier spot.

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The musk strawberries I planted end of last year were pollinated this year and I’ve been picking a few ripe berries. I have a musk male that is very weak growing and did not set any flowers to my knowledge. So I would have to assume they can be pollinated outside of the male musk. I have many other varieties that could have contributed—alpines, junes and ever bearers.

Yeah I have both conventional and alpine all over and no male musk and mine fruit. A weak producer only a few berries from each plant. I have no plans to add males

Same here with my Bubbleberry without a male.

‘Profumata di Tortona’ seems to be productive when pollinated by a musk male.

A field of these strawberries, under optimal conditions, is capable of producing 1 to 1.5 kg/m².

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I’m not sure about that, but there are hermaphrodite cultivars ex: ‘Capron royal’, ‘Askungen’ ‘Marie Charlotte’

For flavor yes, for taste my favorite is Mieze Schindler

Yes me neither, it’s my first year with musk, just seeing ripe berries makes one assume they are at least partially able to be pollinated outside of a male plant. I have Capron and Profumata and both were able to set fruit. They are definitely not a production powerhouse so far (at least on year 1 without a male flowering)

Here’s the Capron (from Raintree)

Here is the Profumata (from Raintree)

Yes, those cultivars are female.

Keep one or two strawberries to collect the seeds if you want another male.

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