Mutant Tomato

Anyone have a tomato plant grow like this? I’m guessing it’s some kind of mineral imbalance as opposed to actual mutation. :wink:

Anyway this nondeterministic tomato plant is already 4+ feet tall and only one tomato

Look how the stem is triple thickness in one dimension and the branches curl.


That would be an example of fasciation, I believe. It can be caused by pathogens, but not necessarily. It’s sort of uncontrolled mitosis resulted in random growth of undifferentiated tissue. It somewhat resembles witches brooms,

I have a cultivar of Salix udensis called ‘Sekka’ (aka Japanese fan tail willow) that has fasciated stems. It’s both fascinating and bizarre.


It appears you have a fascination with fasciation!

Thanks. New word for me…and yes I’ve seen flowers like this before…usually daisies.

I’ll look up the cause if known. I’m more curious than upset… I’m not a huge tomato eater, just growing them because I like it.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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