My 1st time with grapes

Had 2 vines in pots last year and nothing. This year found a good location in the ground for one and it’s doing real well. I image much more grapes next year. This one is Pione:

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Very nice, what is the variety?

They look real good niceguy. One suggestion I’d make is to build a proper arbor now. Those little poles aren’t going to cut it and it will only get more difficult to do later.

Grapes are like the fruit from outer space or something. They just seem to have otherworldly vigor, tremendous roots and productivity. They consistently fruit in my area, which is more than I can say for my deadbeat fruit trees.

Thanks guys. The pictured one is a Pione. I also have a Kyoho vine that recovered and should fruit next year.
The location is very good, but good soil space is limited, so not sure how close to crowd them. I can either strong prune to keep the canopy roughly over the roots, or string them out to the left where there’s more air space.
These are totally organic, no fertilizer either. I did use bags over the grapes.
Im thinking to add a proper frame after harvest, just not sure exactly where, as mentioned above.

One of our new students gave us a box of localy commercially grown Pione today, the same fruit I’m growing. This is how it’s supposed to look, lol. These have been treated to become seedless, they are super good tasting.

Wow…they are incredible! Where in Japan are you niceguy?


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We’re in Okayama. This area produces the best grapes and peaches in Japan. I think it’s pretty good for growing lots of stuff. I’m up in the mountains a bit, so the winter snaps can damage sensitive crops. There’s a big micro climate a couple of hours south of here on the coast that grows really nice citrus.

A couple of hours south can make a big difference, especially when there are mountains and oceans involved. If I were a couple of hours directly south, I’d have an image of an orange in the middle of my license plate and be living in Florida. :sunny: :wink: As it is, growing them is a bit trickier where we each actually live.

Haha, I just saw your comment - that’s funny