My 2019 Home Orchard Management Schedule (Work in Progress)

I thought I would share my management schedule for the year. I’m only on my third year of fruit growing so I’ve been collecting as much information as possible on managing all the various fruit producers that I grow. Hoping that I can further reduce the work-load over the next two years as I figure out whats absolutely necessary and whats optional.

Couple of things I still haven’t figured out:

  • Simplified spray schedule - partly because I don’t know what pests I’m dealing with since my fruit is only now entering into heavy production
  • Tasks for blackberries, currants, gooseberries that go beyond pruning for shape and fertilizing

I’m in 7a right outside of Philadelphia. You can see my climate info here.


So you are pretty much taking May off ?? :heart_eyes:

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This chart is something I am incapable of creating, but will gladly reference it in the future. Good job!

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Well, besides obsessively checking on how things are progressing and minor pruning adjustments, yes. April was crazy busy with planting, mulching, etc. so its nice to relax a bit.

Its really just a glorified spreadsheet in Excel. I might make it public in the form of a shared Google Sheets document once I clean it up a bit. I’m really glad you can find use in it.

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Please do make your spreadsheet public.

This is a terrific document. Great job!

May is bagging time!

May is the busiest month for me, the curc is active pretty much all month and I am spraying most of my Surround in that month. Also it is a time for lots of disease sprays as that is when the diseases can get knocked back hard. By the time June rolls around I am breathing a big sigh of relief!

Yeah my spray schedule and management of pests and disease was terrible last year. This year its priority #1

I will definitely be referring to your guide (Low-Impact Spray Schedule (2019 Edition)) to adjust my 2020 management schedule around it.