My apple tree leaves don't look so good

The photos tell the story. This is a 6 year old Jonagold. It made nice fruit last year. The leaves were a little curled and discolored last year too, but seem to be worse this year. We have had a lot of late frosts so there will be no apples this year. Any one have any ideas what the problem might be?

Nothing there I recognize. If no fruit the tree can take a lot more damage than that without issue. So unless it gets worse it’s probably not of concern.

It might be boron deficiency or spider mites.

Looks like could be some herbicide damage.

Magnesium deficiency?

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Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone. I think that I will have the leaves checked for deficiencies, and if that does not come up with anything, work on the possibility of spider mites…I really appreciate all of the help. Thanks Peggy