My berry collection- Year round harvest?

I started growing/collecting berry plants this year. Everything is currently in pots and grow bags. Since my plants were bought in stages, and not really set to the right season even, I noticed that the first years harvest/sampling is actual staggered very nicely. The “dwarf” perpetua blueberry I got had some berries already. The Fall gold cane I bought was already fruiting, and I’ve been really enjoying them as 1-3 ripen at a time, plus the lower branches are still blooming. My raspberry shortcake plant has some berries that are starting to change color, and still have more to bloom. now my baby cake blackberry is forming flower buds at the tip. My single strawberry plant is blooming and setting fruit now. I have a single Anne yellow cane as well, got it as a bare root mid June :flushed: (planted three weeks ago) so it’s just now sprouting laterals and putting on some foliage. I’d assume it’s just going to bloom in fall :man_shrugging:t2:. I got a potted polar berry white blackberry at the same time. Then I just received a few more raspberry plants, a cascade gold, Joan J red thornless, and a royal purple that ordered as small live plants. Still waiting on my orders from Stark’s… ordered back in May, shipping late July and another late August. It was supposed to be the bulk of my gardening, several of their exclusive Stark’s Gems primeocanes, along with Kiowa Blackberry, pink lemonade blueberry, and a white pineberry plant.
So that’s my collection thus far and to be. Now I also have a small collection of hot peppers that I plan on bringing indoors at the end of the season, I was wondering how the primeocane type black berry and raspberry will do indoors too. Do the canes set Bud and fruit based on photoperiod or maturity? Would it keep sprouting new canes and possibly fruit under grow lights?