My Cherry Wall

One of my cherry cages is located in eastern side against a (warm) wall, It gives some protection against rain and birds.
Variety ‘Sunburst’ grows on a comparatively dwarfing rootstock: GM9 (Inmil) Prunus serrula X Prunus incisa. 7ft. Tall.
Age of the tree:15 y. Production is high. Self-fertile variety.
My experiences with Sweet Cherry cultivation under plastic canopy has that they pretty soon prone by spider mites.





Those look marvelous! Please show or explain how the cover extends out over the cherries. Sounds like it’s an open system on one side. Is that plastic or bird netting over the trees?


Nicely done! Please eleborate and let us know a few of your tricks to growing them.

Excellent. Is that galvanized piping or some sort of pVc?

I need to formulate a system of netting/covering my tree (Lapins).

Alcedo! Fantastic! Huge, healthy and beautiful! Bring me some,please. :cherries:

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This Setup was very simple, effective and cheap, the frame is constructed with tubes of PVC.

It is a half open system, first of all, a bird netting stretched around, then the top was covered with a good quality plastic.

At the beginning of the wall the tree was planted skewed sloping to his right side with this goal, the whole wall covering it with fruitwood, branches are led with wires.

The whole requires virtually no maintenance.

Sorry for my poor English, I would like this was better.


Simply beautiful.

Hi Alcedo.
I have seen your cherries Sunburst, grafted on the dwarfing rootstock GM-9, and are wonderful.
My brother does not have much land to cultivate, and has its fruit trees grafted on dwarfing rootstock :

  • The stone fruit trees grafted on Rootpac-20 (this rootstock is fantastic because it is highly compatible with all type of stone fruit )
  • Apple trees grafted on M-9
  • The pear trees grafted on Pyrodwarf
  • The cherry trees grafted on Gisela-5

And this is my question:

The GM-9 rootstock seems more dwarfing than Gisela-5.
Please can you confirm whether if the GM-9 is more dwarfing that Gisela-5 , and your resistance to iron chlorosis, and limestone terrain ( high PH ) .

Thank you very much


Most of my Stone fruit trees are grafted on different rootstocks. soil is clay with a high lime content pH 7.2
so many varieties are prone to iron and manganese deficiency,in terms of rootstocks, I’m still in an experimental phase. (rootstock Flavor King seedling)
GF 667 good limestone terrain resistant
Greengage (cuttings)
St Julien
Weiroot 720 (Cherry)
Maxma 14 (Cherry)

Cherry Rootstock: Inmil / GM9 is moderately sensitive to a high lime content very suitable for my purpose, patent has been expired.
Comparison with vigour Gisela 5 Inmil is half less, high yield and good harvest propagation by softwood cuttings.
For me it’s a keeper for 25 years.

I’ve heard about Rootpac-20, It seems to me a good acquisition, too bad in this part of Europe not available.