My Christmas Trees

These are two of my multi-grafted trees.The first one is a Flavor Supreme Pluot and the second came as a four Plum with an Apricot.I’m in the process of adding more ornaments. Brady


It’s Frankenplum! How old are those trees?

That’s a lot of grafts, I hope to try grafting in a couple of years when our trees get a bit bigger.

Frankenplum.I like that.Maybe it could be my new handle for this site.Or Frank N Plum,lol.
The trees have probably been in the ground for 3-4 years,with the Supreme about a year later than the other one.
Some of the varieties,like Beauty Plum and Sprite Delight have really gone to town,some of which will most likely be offered as scion wood. Brady

Brady those trees seem to be close together. How far apart are they ?
I’m having space issues.trying to see if I can squeeze another tree in between two.

The closest ones are about three feet apart.Our Summers will usually be fairly dry and low humidity compared to East of the Rocky Mountains,so diseases like Brown Rot haven’t been happening to my fruit.
Your area might be more wet than mine and lack of air circulation,due to cramped growing conditions,may be a problem.
I’ll have to be pruning more,because of the tight spacing,but that’s okay. Brady