My favorite pear rootstocks

After growing hundreds of pear trees and considering drought, heavy rains, extreme heat and cold, poor soil drainage and fertility , alkaline soil, heavy winds etc. I find my favorite rootstocks still to be Pyrus betulifolia aka BET and callery. I typically get both types from Williamette Nursery. Old home crosses are very good rootstocks but i find them slightly less desirable for me but those or quince are great for dwarfing and in many locations where the pears i mentioned are prone to become pests.

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I have three ohxf 87 or 97 trees that are struggling in rows where they are fine in the other spots. Probably a slight difference in soil, or just bad roots. These trees put on decent size initially up to maybe 10 feet, but are now unhappy. I will probably replace with BET (or just to the side) in those spots, and see if they do better. I suspect they will. Survival of the fittest.


Thats my experience BET and callery are aggressive which allows them to survive here in a marginal pear growing area. Old home pear rootstocks are ok ar best.