My First Espalier!

Just wanted to show off two of my peach trees. As of Yesterday (8/11) they reached the top wire 5.5-6 ft up. I’m amazed by the growth thus far & I definitely recommend that every grower try an espalier at least once! Very rewarding, appealing and easier than you think!


I wondered about growing a peach as an espilar but I thought that the rapid growth and the need for new fruiting wood might make it very difficult to accomplish. I look forward to seeing your results.


Most of the stuff that I have read about espalier suggests that peaches should be trained into a fan shape rather than a traditional horizontal cordon espalier. That form more readily allows you to prune annually for renewal wood to fruit the following year.

Earlier this year, in the Pictures section, I included a picture of a large peach fan-trained espalier that I saw in France last summer. It is the third picture down in this post:


I look forward to seeing your results, I have a south facing wall it might work on

Well that’s not very comforting :confused:

What do others think? It’s kind too late to do anything else with them.

Here’s photos at planting and shortly afterwards. Incredible growth.


Mt thought is that generally speaking, peaches trees in our hunpmid east coast do not live very long due to diseases and insects. Also, the way a peach tree grows makes it challenging to keep branches horizonally espaliered.

If I were to attempt espeliering a fruit tree, a pear or apple tree would be my first choice.

My colleague told me she saw peach trees espeliered at Thomas Jefferson’s estate ( or one of the founding fathers). She has been inspired and wants to do it. You have a chance to succeed.