My first Guthrie plum

Guthrie was grafted in last year so these are my first plums and looks like one is about ripe. Although they are larger it is amazing how much they remind me of the wild ones of my childhood.

Back into the BroGanza bag but not for long


Reminds me of a smaller Emerald Beaut. I’ve never heard of Guthrie, is it supposed to be good?

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I will let you know soon. This will be my first to taste. It is a Chickasaw plum but on the large side. The big size and it’s ability to escape most of the plum diseases is great for our area.


Guthrie has a discernible ‘peach’ flavor, to me


I remember those too. My swing at my grandmothers’ house was in the green gage tree! I would swing and Pick! You brought back a great memory. Good looking and delicious fruit too!


The grands were visiting and we picked and shared my first ripe Guthrie. The kids described it as being very sweet. My description was sweet and slight peach flavor. The pealing is little bitter. It mostly taste like the wild Chickasaws plums I have had in the past. I was overall please with it but don’t expect a grocery store type plum. Thanks @haldog
Guthrie whole
Guthrie sliced


Have you had any luck with any other varieties of plums?

Would you say this plum is “worth it” to someone in our climate?

I’m looking into getting a plum, but after reading about how hard it can be in the South with the humidity and disease, it seems like the Chicksaw and native varieties are the only way to go. But I’ve also read that they are not the best tasting.

If your looking for a traditional tasting plum you will probably be disappointed. It is different and I like it. There are other varieties that do well here but I haven’t had a chance to taste them yet.


I can taste it

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That looks a bit smaller than mine from last year, but they were swollen from too much rain and many cracked. The same is happening this year. Also, brown rot has shown up this year, though so far not too bad. I’m going to have to open up my trees some more by pruning and probably spray something for the rot next year. I think it’s rained every day for the past week, so stuff just doesn’t get a chance to dry out.

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It was 1.25" diameter. The others that aren’t yet ripe are a little bigger. My tree is still small and they weren’t fertilized. I was pleased just to get a few the first year after grafting.


What’s the material of the “Broganza” bag you made?

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This is a previous post about the bags. They are made from leftover synthetic screen from my back porch.

Picked two more of the Guthrie today. These two were a little less ripe because I wanted to see how they taste while turning and with a dash of salt. This probably will be a turn off to many because I think most people prefer riper plums. These two were perfect and delicious. The odd thing is that I didn’t notice any bitterness in the skin. I almost forgot to mention that the seed appears very small to me.

Just bought Two Guthrie’s. Wanting to diversify my plums. Any change of improvement over your first harvest?

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In my area late cold snaps is Guthrie’s worst enemy. It and Odom bloom so early it is hard to get a good crop. My other plums/pluots bloom slightly later but not enough to help much. I plan to keep plum trees but it will be infrequent that I will get a good crop.

Thanks Bill. Since I am a bit further north, I guess I will struggle with the same. Stay dry!

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I hope you have the same experience as me, which is that once mature Guthrie and Odum bloom so prolifically that I end up thinning even though only a small percentage of the blooms produce fruit.

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