My first nectarine ever! And need some advice!

Bummed my camera says battery depleted! I have to charge it so no photos
OK, first ripe for me was Arctic Glo nectarine. Now I have had these and they were tart, but this one was very sweet with a slight tart tinge at the end., My wife does not like tart fruit and she said is was fantastic. The juice was deep red and filled the plate. It has not rained in 2 weeks, and it rained today. I picked it because the top of the fruit was super soft. The rest are hard all over. I guess they are ripe? Or very close. Not sure how to proceed, leave them a bit, or pick them? Tomorrow I’ll post photos of the fruit. Very few flaws in the fruit. No bugs or fungi problems. I did spray them.
Anyways I could not be more pleased with this fruit.
Mission accomplished! It took 3 years, but my first nectarine yeah! I wish my dad was here to share with. He grew fruit trees too. RIP dad, miss ya a lot! He passed 14 years ago, he would be 100 this year if alive.

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I wanted to add that the seed is very small, and narrow. My camera is charged!

By far the best nectarine I ever had. Beautiful looking inside and out, the inside looks like a plum. So juicy too, much like a plum. You have to cup the fruit to prevent drips when raising to your mouth.
The tree is next to an Indian Free peach, which is not self fertile. the fruits are still very small. Most were probably pollinated by Arctic Glo. Both are white fleshed with dominant red steaks. The IF seeds once grown out could give an earlier red fleshed peach or nectarine. Yet later than Arctic Glo, Not sure how ripe times and genetics work? No doubt the offspring of Indian Free and Arctic Glo has to be interesting!
The brix on this fruit has to be high as the juice is like sugar water. Wish I could confirm it. I should just buy a meter.
Since it just rained, (luckily not that much!) I will probably watch the fruit, let it hang, as the rain maybe diluted down the brix. Let it dry out as long as possible. Although I don’t know the forecast? Maybe take them now?
Of course I have not tried many home grown fruits, and this fruit may seem bad to others, but I’m happy about it. It is just what i was looking for. So rare when that happens. I’ll pull one off tomorrow to take photos of the fruit inside and out.
The flavor is much like a peach, it tastes like a peach to me. Well one of the flavors, it is outstanding. Thank you Mr Zaiger!
Next up should be Lucky 13 our local breeder Paul Friday’s baby. Arctic Glo though set the bar very high! Lucky 13 is also a very beautiful fruit that has that classic peach look. Very nice looking fruit.

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I had Arctic Glo a few weeks ago. They knocked my socks off, just as you describe. The only downside is they are cling; the skin does not peel easily; and they are a mess to eat. But the flavor is incredible; super sweet with a zippy cranberry overtone. I’ve added these to my Must Plant list.

I decided to harvest them. They are becoming overripe, well 3 of them. So the rest are coming off.

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Those look nice inside and out!! I’m glad you like them!! All that color has to be healthy.

Thanks Steve. I’m rather proud, not bad for my very first ever nectarine harvest. Well for that matter any stone fruit. Although I have grown plants for 40 years, and after all that time, you tend to learn how to grow plants. I’m rather new to growing any fruit except grapes. I really appreciate all the advice from Steve, Mark, Scott, and Alan. it saved me years of hard knocks! Thank you!

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Around here it’s a community effort. I’d be proud of those after 40 yrs of fruit harvests.

Way to go Drew! Welcome to the nectlovers club. Now I want to try Artic Glo, I love the ones with lots of red in the flesh. They tend to be the most flavorful. Not too worried about getting enough antioxidants with the foods in my diet but that’s a plus too.

I think Glo was put out in 92, so patent should be gone. So I can send scion. I was going to graft into that tree, Well i tried, but all grafts failed. I didn’t do so well with grafting. The scion froze on me, I think I killed it?
Anyway I think I’m going to leave it be, besides the fact so far batting zero with grafts, I need to hit up Bob and Mark again. I’ll try one more time. yeah the scion not only froze, it thawed and froze again, maybe three times. I’m going to blame that and not my technique! :frowning:
Some pieces were brown, a few were still green, thought it looked ok, but I guess not?

I had trouble grafting stonefruit until I started holding off until after trees being grafted had leafed out. Scott thinks it’s a lot about having a warm spell following the graft, but I think it is at least partially about the trees being in full growth.

I did wait, Mark gave me excellent instructions. It’s nice to have some harvest. Waiting three years seemed forever, and I thought this last winter screwed me again, but some buds survived. A small crop, but a crop! Good as I was getting frustrated big-time. no fruit no grafts, it was not going well with stone fruit. Turning the corner with a small harvest. I feel I can take the next hit and keep going.
I don’t want to jinx myself by saying the fruit came out perfect, so I’m not going to say that! :slight_smile:

Did you pull parafilm over the scion. I tape the scion to the wood with electric tape and then seal the entire scion with it. This year was my best year of percentage take yet. Probably about 80% with stonefruit. I also think thick pieces of scion wood helps a lot. Thin ones seem inclined to dry out before merging.

Yes, it was bad scion, garbage in garbage out. My fault still, I ruined the scion.

Hi Drew, how’s your Nectaplum coming along? Any fruit on it?

It has a few fruit, not ripe here yet.

Wow, you do have a different climate! Mine have been gone for a month and a half!

I have three on my tree. The birds started to peck them so I put a bag over them the best I could. I also ate one so really I have two in bags. It wasn’t ripe yet. It was kind of on one side but not the rest. One is big now about the size of yours Drew. It might even be ripe. The other one is 3/4 the size. Mine are 3/4 red and some yellow.

Yeah I only only have 7 on the tree, It has at least 2 weeks more, or maybe even a month. We had a cold year, everything started late. I’m not putting any faith in ripening times for this year. Next up for me is PF lucky 13. Fruits are huge, and flawless. It should be ripe any second.

I just looked at my big nectarine. It’s turning red! It’s up high. I will have to get my ladder and check it to see if it seems ripe. The smaller one still has yellow on it.

My Arctic Glo nectarine was in full bloom today. It is monstrously vigorous. I better get some fruits this year!