My first pear harvest

It’s not worth a photo. 4 Moonglow pears, 1 terribly misshapen. The other 3 look nice for only being sprayed once in early spring. A little sooty, but otherwise good.

Bad pollination this spring due to my Red Anjou deciding it’s too good to bloom and bees not traveling to the neighbors raggedy old pear tree. Hopefully it will be better next year with the addition of more varieties to my trees the past 2 years.

I put them in the fridge, we’ll see how they ripen in a week or two.

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Oh, who am I kidding. It’s always worth a photo.


Please post a taste update when you try out the Moonglow. My Moonglow was a large pear but not as sweet as my other varieties. I was just wondering if this is typical for this pear or if I picked a little early. Thanks, Bill

Will do!


Lucky you! They look just fine. I wish my pear tree would produce just one pear. You have four! Looks just like a botanical painting of mine. Great going!

Moonglow is a much better pear in the North. In the South, it’s basically a junk pear
that’s only good as a pollinator for other pears. Mine are so bad I leave them for the birds
to eat, and they don’t even like them.

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One of them has a pretty blush. I bet that one will taste the best…

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