My first pomegranate fruit in Northern VA Zone 7A

Finally it is ready - my first pomegranate fruit. It’s Afganski bought from Ison. In ground in 2018. It survived the cold winters here zone 7A and flowered last year, but did not fruit. This year it had 5 fruits at the beginning, but 2 dropped (or damaged by squirrels). Only this one grows to mature. The other two are still small. Now the temperature hits low 40 and I don’t think they will be ready any time soon. But I am so happy!!!:blush:

Tested the brix and it’s 15. Not bad. The seeds are rather hard compared against the store bought pomegranates. I heard hard seed pomegranates were more cold hardy, so I am OK with the harder seeds.

I don’t know how to tell if it’s ripe, so I just waited until today it cracked open on itself. Then I am sure it’s ready… :wink:



I had a bunch of fruits on several varieties earlier this year but they all eventually dropped.

Thank you Scott!
Sorry to hear yours all dropped. But you are not too far from me. I am sure you will get some fruits next year. Mine had a lot of flowers last year and several of them are females. I really thought some of them will ripen, but no, they all dropped. I think this has something to do with the age of the tree or main trunk.

Now looking back, I wish I had train it differently. Currently it branches out 3 ways at 3FT. I really should have kept a main straight trunk, because the fruits are so heavy and can drag the branches really close to the ground. I have other two - one Salavatski and one Crimson Sky. I trained the Salavatski straight all the way to 6ft. This way I can raise the canopy if needed. It was planted in ground in 2019, so still young. It had only 1 flower this year.


Congratulations! That’s very exciting.

Thank you Jay!
Yes. It’s definitely exciting.
It’s risky to grow these marginal fruits, but we just can’t stop trying. :smiley:

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