My Granny Smith Decided to Start Blooming Today

Went out to the orchard to clean up the leaves and wrap trunks for winter and noticed that not only has my Granny Smith not started dropping leaves it actually just started blooming. I guess it decided to skip winter? No idea why, all the surrounding trees are behaving normally.


You should take out all flowers. Many trees start to do it here and that’s the advice that experts make…

Yeah, I’d pinch them off. Here in OH, it was almost 70 a couple days ago. My wife said some of her bulbs were pushing growth. People keep saying its going to be a hard winter, but who knows.

The times they are a changin.

Late season blooming happens from time to time.
Usually on trees that have defoliated early due to stress of some sort.
It’s as if they’ve been through
dormancy and are ready to go again!

I too see this frequently on plants. They stress and bloom in fall. Not much so normally not an issue.

Yesterday while out in the field doing inventory at the nursery work at, I came across one variety of french lilac blooming away. The other french hybrids in the same field not blooming but dormant. Sometimes I find a few crabapple varieties having a few blooms in fall too. Normally nothing to be concerned about as they all seem to be fine the following spring.


I have a sweet 16 graft that I found blooms on the other day. I had pruned it heavily out of season, so I figured that was the reason. Pedals are gone now.