My greenhouse is a total loss

We had Strong winds yesterday night, and today when I woke up, my greenhouse was totally destroyed. I tried to taped it, but it didn’t worked.

Sorry to see that itheweatherman can you salvage the frame and order more covering?

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Aw man, that’s below average! Mother Nature is the boss.

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Whoa. Ouch. Plants ok?
Is that a greenhouse (as in temp controlled) or a hoop house/high tunnel?
Maybe in version 2.0 you can consult with a structural design friend who may give tips for beefing up according to your wind loads.
A low tunnel is often a more practical design-wize because the plants are just not that tall. I grow food all winter in z7 in 2-3 low tunnels and 1 very beefy high tunnel. Each year I improve the design.


Sorry about your loss. Bill

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What kind of covering material was used?Greenhouse poly will usually last at least four years. Brady

Don’t even talk about wind! Palm fronds everywhere…

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Only a couple of corn plants got destroyed, and the asparagus got damaged.

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It was polyethyline.

I’ll replace it with Agribon.

I have a longish A frame ‘spring house’ that I sometimes keep early seedlings in. A month or two ago when we had intense winds and storms that were taking down trees, a blast of wind came along, picked the whole thing up, and dropped it in the pool. I was fortunate on two counts. 1. There were no plants under it. 2. We saw it fly and my son and I were able to retrieve it before it sank out of reach.

I’m sorry to hear that any of your plants were harmed.

I’m curious why you have corn and asparagus growing in a structure. I didn’t think it got cold enough in your area this time of year to harm either of those.

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Oh gosh, I’m so sorry, Ulises. Gosh, that’s going to be tough to get repaired.

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What kind of vegetables do you grow?

The frame is intact.

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From time to time, we get late-frosts in April. We even got snow on the first week of April of 2012.

This is on Thursday around 2:30 pm when I was heading to work.

The frame is salvagable. I’ll replace the coverv with agribon.

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Glad to hear that the Frame is ok. It sounds like you have some intense weather sometimes.

How was it working for you? I have not been able to regulate temperature in very small greenhouses.

First, in my world it is too hard and expensive to work against nature so my approach is to perhaps modulate the extremes and grow appropriate veggies. Here is what the low tunnels looked like last fall.

They have rutabagas, kohlrabi and beets in them.
Where I am one must consider snow loads.
In the background is the high tunnel, containing cabbage, celtuce, cilantro, lettuce, chard, spinach, kale, celery, scallions, dill, carrots and various experimental plantings. :slightly_smiling: