My Hybrid Mombin

Just thought I’d share some pictures I took of my Hog Plum/Mombin tonight; I got it as a branch broken off from a hybrid between the Yellow and Red Mombin types, which rooted easily and was stuck in a five gallon bucket to grow. What happened is that the tree didnt leaf out much as I got it near the end of summer (as it was preparing to enter dormancy) and ended up losing all of its leaves over the fall and winter months (surprising considering we’re tropical, but my grandmother’s in ground Yellow Mombin does the same) and flowered this spring. It’s now leafing out and looks like it’ll be putting on some nice strong growth this year:

How the fruit developing looks.

It defoliating like that just reminded me of the stone fruits and the like that do the same for you all in the more temperate climates :wink:

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Interesting, Dan. I’ve never heard of a mombin before. You can grow some cool stuff there.

Both the reds and yellows are delicious!

In SouthWestern Mexico, they call them “Ciruelas” or “plums.”

My late Grandma had an orchard of mobins.

Thanks muddymess! And weatherman I agree, an orchard sounds amazing!

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Yup, an orchard sounds amazing!

If you live in an area where there’s a high population of Mexicans from SouthWestern Mexico… you will probably make a great profit.

In Guerrero, Mexico, the red ones are called “Ciruelas” and the yellow ones are called “Poroches”. The word “poroches” is probably a Native Mexican Word, so I don’t know how to translate it into English.

The Red ones are eaten fresh or they are dried to make sweet tamales.

The yellow ones are eaten after been picked because they get very soft after two days.

We call mombin as ‘AMRA’ at my native Bangli language. I like to fresh eat green mombin with the mixture of chilly powder and table salt!

Interesting stuff! You too itwm.