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Hi, everyone! I am from the South Shore area of MA. I’ve been gardening for a very long time. I have been growing different figs, blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, Asian pears, dragonfruits, pineapples (yes, indoor!), and numerous veggies, etc. I am trying to graft different Asian pears, persimmons, plums this year. I am currently trying to root about 30+ fig varieties this year. I also grow bonsai and I am sure there are others. let’s just say every window have some veggies seedlings growing right now. I can’t wait for Spring! I have met a few nice, kind and generous members on here. You guys are awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you. I am so glad I have found such nice members!!! I hope this is our best season this year! cheers to a good harvest this year!


Nice to meet you, I’m going to try to graft 6 different types of figs to 1 fig tree this spring, I have 10 young plants I hope to have the grafts to (Frankenstein fig trees).


Welcome. you found the right place. So the Dragonfruits, tell us about how you grow them? i grow many tropicals, and was thinking about this one.


It is a bit of a challenge to keep, as I have no room. I started out with about 50! Yes, 50! Then, I boxed them up and gave them away to other ppl over the years. It’s in a humongous pot on wheels. I also have a sun room as well. I think I am down to 3 pots. They are thorny so it is a PIA, not sure if I wanted to continue with this, but I think i’s 5 or 6 years old. It loves sun so the sun room is where they mostly stay and then I move them out on the deck for the summer.


What rootstock are you using?


Welcome to the Forum Courtney! You will love this place.


Thanks for the info, i have cacti that are over 40 years old, just never added dragonfruit. Plus it needs a pollinizer, so you probably need at least two of them, and some moths. or DIY.
I have figs too, and grow most of what you grow, no pears or persimmons, thought about pineapples, the white one with no core sounds interesting to me.



I grew up in your neck of the country, and spent every summer in the Tiverton/Little Comptom area…

Dragonfruit are a PITA! Easy as pie to root and grow, but a pain to move and pot up…never got fruit off of mine, but I did get budding once or twice.

Once again, welcome and nice to meet you



I’m not sure what the fig root stock is, I got cuttings from my neighbors tree which has been producing good for years, if I had to guess I would say it’s a Brown Turkey.


Welcome Courtney! I have a cousin in New Bedford. She does some Mass gardening too.
I’m in Virginia. A little warmer.


Hello from a fellow Mass fruit grower. Won’t be long now until the ground starts to thaw and trees start blooming.


Wow! My in-laws are in VA. We visit once or twice a year. They are in Falls Church, VA. New Bedford is not far from me. That is awesome!


Falls Church is quite a bit cooler than we are in the ‘Tidewater’ area of Norfolk / Va Beach. An entirely different zone, in fact! We should have great seafood here . . . but you guys really really really have great seafood! I’m envious.


Welcome Courtney. There are sevearl forum members from MA on here and even more from New England alone.

In case you’d like change your intro to the Fruit Growing category, your intro would be viewed a lot more. Almost everyone here checks that category :smile:


Thanks for the tips. I don’t want to annoy ppl with my intro. I’m sure you guys are busy. I am sure we are all growing things and that is what we all have in common. :joy: oh, forgot to mention, I have Condo Mangoes coming from Fl in April. I killed my last one so I’m starting over.


For us in colder zones, we are not quite busy yet. Also, never too busy to welcome new member.


Welcome to the forum Courtney - I am another Mass. member. I live in Somerville, next to Boston. Good to have other people from the area so we can compare notes!


Thanks! I was just passing by Somerville a couple of days ago!


We have members from the Cape to the Berkshires.


Some of the hybrids do (e.g. polyrhizus x undatus) but straight cultivars of the species do not.