My Introduction ( So Jujube, Pink Guava, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood)


Though I have let blackberries take over a very large portion of my yard, my fruit growing up until now was just a Guava tree in a pot, now having spent 3 summers outside, I am hoping it will fruit next summer. I am so excited because I just got two more types of fruits for me to eat. Where I live in Zone 6, an urban forestry program called Releaf gives free trees to people who will plant them within view of the street, and I am picking up a Cornelian Cherry Dogwood tomorrow. I also recently acquired via a plant swap for some Royal Raindrops Crabapple saplings, a So Jujube that was a sucker.


Welcome @somnamblst Susan!

Blackberries are great! What variety is the one you have?
I also have couple guava trees on pots, one of them has fruits now but still green. I hope once I’ll bring it indoors they will ripen!
Dogwoods have nice fall leaf colors and they can produce red berries but in spring nice flowers!
Good luck with your crabapple and your jujube!


Hi Ruben. How long before your Guava fruited?

Not sure about my blackberry name. I bought them at Home Depot, they are thornless, and technically ever bearing, though the fall crop has been mostly nonexistent. This year a couple spots had a second bloom/berry area.

The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood has edible fruits, though the seed is large.


I bought my guava tree couple years ago, this is the first year having fruits. I’ll put a picture below so you can see the fruits, still green but I hope they would ripe.

I also have blackberries and we enjoy them while they last! Mine are triple crown and they are thornless as well.


Your guavas are very nice! Congratulations! :+1:


Thank you Luis!


Guavas is one of the trees that i’m strugling to grow. I have them but they die to the ground on winter and sprout from roots on spring…


You might need to keep them in pots or you can protect them on winter time by cover them up but also put some sort of insulation around the trunk/tree till it gets old enough. Once they get older they should survive or have minimum winter damage.


When i plant them on ground they were huge trees… then on that winter we got the coldest ever min temp… -6,5C!
I will not take them out but i’m trying new ones on more sheltered places.




But i will succeed! Promiss! :grin:


I know you will! Some times they just need time to get established, Good luck anyway!


@somnamblst Yow said you have your guava for three years right? Do you fertilize it?


Yes. It was very small when I bought it. More like a sapling.